The Difference Between Dynamic and Static Websites

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Dynamic means capable of action or change, while static means fixed or stationery. Dynamic websites and Static websites are terms used to depict two kinds of websites and the method used to display. Here we will investigate what the terms mean for website design.

Static Websites

A Static Website (in some cases called a flat or stationary page) is displayed in an internet browser precisely as it is stored on the server.. It contains website pages with fixed content coded in HTML and stored accordingly. It doesn’t transform, it remains the same, or “static” for each watcher of the site.

A static website doesn’t require web programming or database design. Static is the most fundamental type of website and is the most easy to make. It is ideal for small scale websites. Keeping up countless static pages can turn into a tedious and unreasonable problem rapidly. If you require a website with hundreds of pages and a vast amount of content, a dynamic website might be for you.


  • Quick and easily developed
  • Cheap to host and develop


  • Content can become stale
  • Requires web development expertise to operate

Dynamic Websites

A Dynamic Website (likewise referred to as a database-driven webpage) requires web programming and database design. A dynamic website contains data and content that changes, contingent upon components, for example, the viewer of the webpage, the time zone, or the local language of the viewer). The content of your site (content/pictures) is stored in a database or content within the executives framework. When the data is refreshed or changed inside the database, it changes on the site.

At the point when a client visits your site, it passes information to the server from the client’s program. At the point when a dynamic site is gotten to, it produces pages on-the-fly (or progressively) to the client dependent on this information from the guest. It displays scripting code examined and deciphered on the web server and the subsequent HTML to the viewer’s internet browser. This implies distinctive content can be produced at various times, or dependent on cookies(little bits of information that a web server stores on a guest’s PC), or technical factors (what sort of program is being used, what a client’s IP address is, or what page they visited before the present page).

This implies many extraordinary things for yourself and your website visitors. You can use a content the board framework to deal with the entirety of your records and information that would ordinarily should be refreshed all the time, for example, news or products, or you can use your dynamic website for online business, for example, putting away and refreshing products, and taking care of requests.


  • Less hassle when updating
  • Increased functionality
  • Dynamic(changing) content attracts users
  • Dynamic content helps with search engines


  • A little more expensive to host
  • Relatively slow performance than a static website
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