Web Design and Web Development, Is There A Difference?

Logo Design Deck-Web Design or Web Development


By taking a look at our Google Analytics we can see that organizations are searching for both Web Design Company and Web Development Company. These days the terms ‘web design’ and ‘web development’ are basically tradable as “web agencies” exchange the manner in which they depict their services.

Table Of Contents:

  • In A Nutshell
  • Website architecture
  • Web Development
  • Conclusion

Actually, in a general sense, the terms refer to two individual parts of the site building process requiring two very different ranges of abilities.

It is very important for you to know the distinction as you search for somebody to plan and build up your organization’s site. Read on further so you can understand clearly the difference between a ‘Website Designer’ and a ‘Website Developer’.

Website Design vs Web Development In A Nutshell

 Website design alludes to both the tasteful bit of the site and it’s ease of use. Website designers use different tools, for example, Adobe Photoshop to make the design and other visual components of the site.

Web Developers, take a web design and make an actual working site from it. Web Developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other programming languages to enliven the structure of the website.

Website architecture – A Closer Look

Website designers should always start by thinking about a customer’s site destinations and afterward proceed onward to an Information Architecture(IA) to set a site’s data hierarchy and start the design procedure. Next, website designers can begin making wireframes and lastly move on to the plan stage. Website designers may also use a few essential structure standards to achieve a satisfying format, which likewise offers incredible client experience.

Plan Principles

Parity–It’s significant for website designers to make a decent design. In website design we allude to substantial (dim hues) and light (lighter hues) components. Using the right extent of each is imperative to accomplishing a fair web composition.

Differentiation–In the shading process, differentiating hues are the ones set inverse to each other on the shading wheel. Website design offers a couple of different regions where complexity is appropriate. Designers experiment with differentiating sizes, surfaces and shapes to characterize and accentuate certain areas of the site.

Accentuation–We addressed this piece when talking about differences. Accentuation is a graphic designing standard established for “featuring” the significant components of the website format. It’s essential to take note of that, if you accentuate and highlight everything on the page you wind up stressing nothing. Envision a page in a book where 80% of the substance is featured in yellow… Does anything truly stand out from the rest of the book?

Consistency–Also called redundancy or beat, consistency is a basic website composition rule. Your theme, fonts, color schemes, etc, should all follow the same type and theme rules. A spotless and reliable navigation gives the best user experience to your site visitors.

Solidarity–Solidarity is the connection between the unique pieces of the website design and the organization overall. Situated in the Gestalt hypothesis, solidarity manages how the human cerebrum naturally sorts out data by grouping multiple components into a common category.

Web Development–A Closer Look

Web engineers, now and then called developers, take the structure made by a designer and assemble a working site using multiple components. To put it (very)basically, think about the structure as a non-intuitive “picture” of a site, like a skeleton. Developers enable the site structure and compile all the components. At this point the developer either uses just HTML or an increasingly powerful method of fusing programming languages, for example, PHP to build up the different site pages. Further developed web developers may decide to use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla so as to smooth out the website maintenance experience and allow customers a simple method to keep up and update their site.

Web developers may choose over a static format to make a powerful dynamic website by utilizing picture and object sliders, dynamic states for connections and clicks, and other intuitive components.


The obscured lines encompassing the search terms “Website design” and “Web Development’ might be confusing for small and medium-sized businesses looking to get a website or a re-structure of their current site.

Although there are people that can do both, many organizations have committed designers which make the site format and forward the plan documents over to a developer who finishes the improvement stage. Hopefully, this article will help clear up the normal misguided judgment that design and development are one and equal.

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